Buenos Aires

Urban plan for the implementation of the hydroponic, algae biodiesel energy based city in the current Llobregat region of barcelona.
This project can feed 8 adjacent neighboorhoods and provide them with energy, using only CO2 and ocean water as its inputs, and leaving more than 60% of the site in non-human intervenied condition.The interior spaces and architecture produced by this city-scape is one of a hybrid nature. The flexible plan gives room for different forms of life to experience the built environment.
In this perspective elevation we can see the algae harvesting column, that provides the biomass for the full energetic needs of the complex. As well as pedestrian and vehicle transportation routes.

Universidad Torcuato Di Tella
Authors: Sofia Lorenzo, Nayla Cefarelli, Agustin Bustamante, Nicolas Boscoboinik, Federico Araujo
Professor & mentors: Lluis Ortega, Sebastian Gil, Eugenia Raigada

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