XAARCHIVE STUDIO is a woman-led architecture and design studio. Our practice is often between the confines of nature and artificiality, aiming to design for a sustainable future, and reshape our relationship with nature and the non-human.
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At XAARCHIVE, we value the concept of multiplicity in design, recognizing and embracing the valuable contributions of biological, artificial, and human intelligence. Our roots trace back to Buenos Aires, Argentina, though we have now established our presence in Europe, operating from our offices in Milan and Barcelona. Our diverse background profoundly shapes our understanding and perception of the world.

Our studio is built upon a strong foundation of coding, generative design, and parametric techniques, owing to our expertise in the discipline applied to large scale developments, urbanism and infrastructure efficiency. On the other hand, we have strong interests in conceptualization, academia, and the intellectual development of our practice. We have earned recognition on the global stage, having participated in events such as Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven, Rea!ArtFair 2022, Milan. Additionally, we have collaborated with with renowned institutions like Next Nature, The Netherlands and the University of Advanced Architecture of Catalunya, Barcelona.

Via Cola Montano, Milan
+39 344 417 6749

Passatge Lluis Pellicer, Barcelona
+34 611 672 735

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