Harvesting energy from extreme climats. Salta heat house offers a new way to live and farm in extreme conditions, through blending new renewable energy technologies and ancient building techniques.

The project brings hope for a sustainable future, daring to be optimistic in times of crisis and proposes to take advantage from the excessive heat rather than be overwhelmed by it. A subterranean design for a singular dwelling, on the top, there is a bioplastic “heathouse” that by using greenhouse effects and the properties of a translucent but sealed condition concentrates and augments heat in the room. This singular dwelling proposes a new way to live and farm in extreme and imminent conditions. The food is locally grown and sourced, powered by led lights and electrical systems which use as little water as possible The thermal mass of the house being underground helps keep it cool during the day and warmer during the night, creating optimal conditions for human life.

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